What Is Broker Systems?

Broker Systems started with software, but now incorporates so much more.



  • 3 users (any combo of broker & support)

  • Powerful software features, including:

    • Social planner

    • Email marketing

    • Calendar & bookings

    • Website hosting*

    • Website & funnels

    • VOIP call centre

    • $10/month VOIP call credits

    • WhatsApp Business*

    • Payments platform

    • Reviews & reputation

  • Account setup, including:

    • Basic settings

    • Birthday messages

    • Email campaign

    • Monthly RBA SMS/email

    • Calendar setup & appointment reminders

    • Integration between BrokerOS & your CRM

Add unlimited users


Best for a broker who:

  • Wants some basic setup and essential marketing out of the box.

  • Wants to replace 5 other pieces of marketing & sales software with one streamlined solution.

  • Has the technical capability to build their own marketing campaigns, automations, landing pages and whatever else they can dream of.

The Collective

Best for a broker who:

  • Wants to build a business where they can focus on what they're best at.

  • Understands the money to be made in the FOLLOW-UP, but doesn't have the system to execute flawless lead follow-up.

  • Understands their time is best spent doing what they do best (i.e. talking to clients and building relationships) - NOT trying to get their head around DNS settings, software integrations, marketing automations etc.

  • Wants a single, "broker-focused" IT, software & operations solution they can turn to for support.

  • Wants access to ALL of the incredibly powerful suite of marketing options available in BrokerOS.

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Are you wanting to maximise your commissions and independence, but wanting to slot in to an established, supportive & growing brokerage?

Voyage Financial is growing across the country and would love to chat to you if you're seeking to retain your independence, but want the marketing, tech & operations support so you can focus on talking to more clients.

The Asterisks

  • Websites can be hosted on BrokerOS or Wordpress. Wordpress hosting carries an extra $15/month hosting fee.

  • VOIP: BrokerOS uses Twilio (the primary global VOIP carrier) for calls & SMS. All plans include $10 monthly credit. Current Twilio pricing can be found here.

  • WhatsApp Business integration incurs a $15/month integration fee.

Software you can cancel


No more Calendly, Acuity, SimplyBook or Timely.

Save $20/seat/month


No more Typeform, Jotform,

Save $20/seat/month

Email marketing

Klavio, ActiveCampaign, DMH (Mercury)

Save $120/month

Call centre

No more Dialpad or Aircall

Save $45/seat/month

Social scheduling

No more HootSuite, Later, SocialPilot or Sendible.

Save $150/month


No more Botpress, Chatfuel or Manychat.

Save $20/month

Typical marketing & communications software cost for a brokerage of 3


Broker Systems 2024